Community Meetings

UK Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Steering Committee (PWASC)

1st Community Meeting 

Institute of Physics, 80 Portland Place, London W1B1NT

09:30 - 17:00, 26th January 2018


The Plasma Wakefield Accelerator Steering Committee is developing a detailed roadmap of the research activity of the UK in this area. The objectives of this first Community Meeting are to present a draft of this roadmap, to receive feedback on it, and to identify topics for potential interdisciplinary and collaborative research.

The meeting will be of interest to those working on the development or applications of both conventional and plasma accelerators.

This meeting is supported by the IOP Plasma Physics Group and IOP Particle Accelerators and Beams Group.

The preliminary programme of the meeting (subject to change) is given below.


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Draft roadmap

A copy of the draft roadmap, and an update on our proposed timetable, is now available on our UK roadmap development page.



09:30             Welcome coffee. Ayrton Jackson Room

10:00             Introduction, Simon Hooker

10:15             Laser wakefield accelerators (7’ + 8’), Zulfikar Najmudin

10:30             Plasma wakefield accelerators (7’ + 8’), Guoxing Xia

10:45             Phase space control (7’ + 8’), Bernhard Hidding

11:00             Transport and staging (7’ + 8’), Steve Jamison


11:15             Morning coffee. Ayrton Jackson Room


11:45             Facilities: Lasers, beam drivers and HPC (7’ + 8’), Rajeev Pattathil

12:00             Light Sources: Status and opportunities (7’ + 8’), Steve Jamison

12:15             Preliminary discussion


13:00             Lunch. Ayrton Jackson Room


14:00             High energy physics: Status and opportunities (7’ +8’), Matthew Wing

14:15             Positron generation & QED (7’ + 8’), Gianluca Sarri

14:30             Industrial and medical applications (7’ +8’), Chris Murphy

14:45             LWFA + PWFA: Joint issues and opportunities (7’ + 8’), Matthew Streeter


15:00             Afternoon tea. Ayrton Jackson Room


15:30             Discussion, Review of Recommendations and Timelines

16:30 Close

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